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Dr. James Maney and his wife Sallie Hardy Murfree began their plantation with the construction of a modest two-room cabin, circa 1818 on land inherited from her father Col. Hardee Murfree, the man for whom Murfreesboro was named. By 1860, the doctor had retired and with slave labor the house had been drastically enlarged and was the center of a nearly 1,500 acre self-sustaining plantation. The final phase of the mansion was completed on the eve of the Civil-War by the Maney’s son Lewis and his wife, Adaline Cannon Maney, the daughter of Gov. Newton Cannon, the first Whig Governor of Tennessee. Adaline inherited the plantation from Dr. Maney even though her husband was still living. Thus, she became the second woman to own the property, something very unusual for the period. During the Civil War, both Union and Confederate armies camped on the plantation. On July 13, 1862, Confederate Cavalryman Nathan Bedford Forrest led a raid on the Union troops encamped on the front lawn. That afternoon, the Union’s surrender was accepted at a dinner in the parlor.


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