Discover Downtown Murfreesboro

Discover downtown Murfreesboro!  You will find exceptional shops & businesses with unique gifts, collectibles, entertainment, dining, and a long list of services! 

Treat yourself to organic beverages & groceries, baked goods,  gourmet candy & foods.  Enjoy delicious meals from a wide selection of restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner!

You will find clothing apparel that you simply won't find anywhere else. And, in addition there are many other treasures, jewelry, accessories, stylish hats, & footwear. 

Take a tour, of the fabulous local services that are in the downtown area.
Downtown is vibrant with services:  healthcare clinic & pharmacy, shops with everything imaginable for your home, day spa. wellness & health studios, bridal shop, photography & many more shops and business that excel with with warm & outstanding personal services!

Historic downtown has a lot of entertainment to offer!  Visit Oakland Historic Museum for a tour or a special exhibit.  See a musical play at The Center for the Arts!  

There are many businesses that can host a Special Event for your family or business! 

The downtown square fills up during the warmer months with an outstanding Jazz Festival and Saturday Farmers Market.  Halloween is a fun time for family & kids.  And finally, during the Christmas season downtown is beautifully decorated with the Rutherford County Christmas tree and on the weekend enjoy carriage rides and don't forget to visit Santa!


- Your local merchants return 68% of their revenue to the community!

- Big boxes stores & national chains?  Only 13% - 43% returns

- Out-of-town websites?  Not a single penny!

Step away from box stores and shop the wide variety of local stores in downtown Murfreesboro.   You’ll be avoiding the chaos of crowded box stores and parking lots plus you will be supporting your local economy!